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Although Phase 1 of the Walker Percy Serenity Circle is complete, you can still buy a paver and be part of this historic project.

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Because libraries are more than books...

The St. Tammany Parish Library system is the most important literacy and cultural resource in our parish. The libraries spark curiosity, discovery and wonder. They give our citizens access to information, ideas, and learning opportunities. They play a vital role in building and sustaining a literate community, promoting a healthy economy, encouraging civic engagement, advancing the arts, and offering access to 21st century technology. Now more than ever, patrons – from infants to the aged – seek library services. The gap between public funding and library services has widened. The St. Tammany Library Foundation’s purpose is to see that our library system has the resources to provide our community with enhanced collections, enlarged databases, up-to-date technology, and numerous occasions for lifelong learning opportunities

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