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Invites you to be part of
Its new major historic project

Walker Percy Serenity Circle Architect's Rendering

A place of quiet and peaceful repose
Next to the new
St. Tammany Library in Madisonville.

 Children's area Madisonville Location

To make this a reality, we are offering you an opportunity to engrave the wording of your choice on the paver or pavers you select. Remember that the St. Tammany Library Foundation is a 401 c 3 organization and your donation is tax-deductible.

Pavers are in three sizes. Select the one you wish engraved with wording of your choice.

Large Paver - (12x12 inches) $250
These pavers can feature your logo with 3 lines of text, each line of 18 letters and spaces.
Without a logo, with 4 lines of text, each line of 18 letters, including spaces

Medium Paver - (6x12 inches) $175
These pavers offer 3 lines of text, each line of 18 letters and spaces.

Regular Paver- (6x6 inches) $125
These offer 3 lines of text, each line of 12 letters and spaces.

Please Choose your Paver Size to Pay with Paypal

Your permanent Paver is beautifully etched with your special message.

Please print out the this page and fill out the blocks below to customize your paver purchase.

Text Squares

Your Name:_______________________________________________________________________

Street Adress:_____________________________________________________________________



If you wish to add a logo, enclose a photo-ready image to be used on the 12” by 12” paver.

Special opportunity for larger donors also are of limited availability. There will be six large granite pavers, each bearing the name of one of Percy’s novels as well as the donor’s etching. Each of these are offered for $ 500. Two are already taken!

Within the circle are two beautiful benches, marked with the titles of the two non-fiction books of Walker Percy Message in a Bottle and Lost in the Cosmos. The donors names will also be featured.

Facing the circle are three other benches, two marked with his two most prestigious awards – the National Book Award of 1962 and the1989 Jefferson Lecturer Award and one with the name of the posthumous collection of essays, Signposts in a Strange Land. Each of these will also feature the names of its donor.

In order that everyone in the community can play a vital role in this historic project the St. Tammany Library Foundation is inviting contributors who wish to donate a book for the Walker Percy Reading Room in the library in Madisonville. A special name plate will be featured in all donated books with the name of the donor.

We look forward to welcoming you as one of the builders of this permanent, historic project in St. Tammany Parish.

Messages can also include; The Family of, The Class of , In Memory of , In Honor of , or even a favorite quote.

We look forward to welcoming you as one of the builders of this permanent, historic project in St. Tammany Parish.

Please send your name and specific interest ( bench, granite paver, book) to

If you wish to print this page and mail in your order form, please fill out your information below and mail to:

St. Tammany Library Foundation

P.O. Box 131

Mandeville, LA 70470



teen area madisonville location

The St. Tammany Parish Library with large, inviting spaces replete with

Banks of computers in centers of technology …

Stacks of recorded music, books, and videos

Greatly enhanced eBooks collections, just a click away …

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Collections to satisfy citizens of every bent and interest …

Worlds of information for inquiry and research …

Foreign language centers and apps for language mastery …

Non-threatening opportunities to develop literacy and English fluency…

Quiet nooks for contemplation and solitary thought …

Community rooms for lectures, symposiums, recitals and conferences …

Year-round enrichment programs for all ages …

A genealogy center second to none!

It all can be possible …with your help!
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